Ashley - Sculptor, Designer and Artist

I work in a variety of media, oils and acrylics, metal, plaster and concrete. However, the found object is a recurring theme throughout my sculptures and work. Consequently, as the materials I use are so varied, my work takes many forms: From assemblages for hanging on walls to constructing robot like figures from surgical instruments. Whether it is; a surgical instrument, farm implement, part of train or car engine, the item keeps some of it’s original connotation but also takes on a new meaning. I like to think my artwork is environmentally friendly as in many cases the completed sculpture reflects what we throw away or dump. It is also exciting, as depending on what source or find I never really know what my next will be. I like to live with objects for a while, get to know them, until ideas form.

After leaving school I trained as an engineer, including advanced welding, fabrication and mechanical drawing and design. I worked for a number of years as a prototype engineer designing and constructing everything from roll cages for cars, food processing production units to computer rack systems. However, after an injury to my leg (now fully recovered) I decided to study for B.A (Hons) Art Degree, where I was able to combine my engineering skills with my art. My dissertation, for which I received a first, was titled 'A Sculptural Comparison Between Anthony Caro and David Smith'.

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