Ashley Baldwin-Smith - Cambridge Based Artist
Contemporary Painter and Sculptor

The landscape is a recurring theme in my work, so much so that it has become a series in its own right. This is not surprising, as I spend so much of my time sketching, fishing and walking out in the fens. I like capture the wide openness but also the intimate scenes that people often overlook.

Much of my recent work is about conveying a personal feeling and understanding of the landscape but also to capture fleeting moments as the sky and colours change. Also, I am fascinated by the fenland skies that change so dramatically, one minute the scene can be misty silver - the next silhouetted against a golden sky.

My working method is normally about spending a long time absorbing and observing then working furiously to capture what I have seen and felt.

Landscape paintings for sale - oil painting

Landscape Oil Painting

Most of my landscapes are painted in oil; some are realistic whilst others are abstracted from the subject. Many of the scenes are from the countryside that surrounds Cambridgeshire and the adjoining counties of Suffolk and Norfolk: Including of the and Norfolk Broads. However, for the past three years, my wife and I have ventured further afield in our campervan: visiting many sites in the UK and this is reflected in my paintings. In addition, we have travelled across Europe exploring countries; such as France, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Italy, and amazing cities of Bruges, Ghent, Vienna, Salzburg, Lyon, Arles and Rome to name a few.

Street Walk

Abstract Art - Painting & Mixed Media

I have painted a number of where I am experimenting with form, colour and a transient moment of how I feel or felt in front of a subject/s. My art is a combination of what I know, what I feel and what I see.

I have just started a new series of abstract paintings titled 'Explorations of the Mind'. These paintings are based on my own thoughts, dreams and experiences but that also encompasses what goes on around me and the lives of family and friends.

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